Meet Daria Varennikova

My name is Daria Varennikova, I am from the south of Russia, which is the resort area and that was a reason for me to get my fist degree in Hotel Management, after that I got another Level 8 degree in Economics and Management with a focus on Service Sector.

I was working for more than 5 years in the first 5* hotel on the Black Sea: I started as a waitress, was promoted to Receptionist and the last role there was Auditor. At some point I decided to change the south to the north and moved to Saint- Petersburg where I was working as a receptionist in the cottage village on the one of the best ski-resort. After visiting New Zealand for holiday, I fell in love with this country and come back for studying and living.

Last month I graduated Level 7 Brand Manager program, and this is time for coming back to the hospitality industry which I am passionate about.

I am very excited to join Ramada team and look forward for my career here.

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